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We help eCommerce and 3PL companies solve technical challenges.

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What do we offer?

Build and improve

We build SaaS in the logistic tech domain from 0 to 1. We build integration with various eCommerce store APIs, and create analytics dashboards, optimize database queries to enhance user experience.


Integration and automation

We build customized technical integration to automate repetitive tasks, freeing your precious time to focus on what really moves the needle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

It depends on the project scope. In our initial call, we document everything in details. Usually 2-3 days later, we can update you with the timeline and quotes. As soon as it has been approved, we'll start coding and building.

We cover a wide range of service, such as SaaS, Slack/Teams bot, web services, and API integrations. For process automation, we leverage low/non code tools or if you need, we can also use more technical ways to make it happen.

If a project lasts over one week, we will demo each week to show the progress and collect feedback. Our clients like this transparent way and we like to show what we do! Build with 💜.

If we build from scratch, we use Ruby on Rails/Java for backend and Javascript/ReactJS for frontend. We recommend using AWS or Digital Ocean for hosting. If you have legacy code, let's chat to see how we can help. For automation, we can either use low code tools, or use native code to enable customized integration.

We'll have a handoff call. Usually this won't take long as we update clients with weekly progress. After you sign off, we will support you with two-week free maintenance.

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